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Name:Tempus Fugit
Posting Access:All Members
Welcome to the sky! A nexus where characters and from any place and time can literally drop in.

It's filled with more than just air and clouds. As far as the eye can see, there's specks of land, hanging at various altitudes and perpetually drifting slowly along mysterious courses. They are the floating islands. As each day passes, these pieces of land are never in the same place. They sometimes float close together without touching, often close enough to easily jump across.

Most of these islands are simple chunks of rock with a few windblown plants, but some are more unique. There's an assortment of terrains so different from each other that many don't seem to be from the same world. From strange natural wonders to pieces of buildings or cities, some inhabitants may even find pieces of their own homeland among these exotic discoveries.

The inhabitable sky exists for miles up and down. Above it, the air thins out into space. Below it, a thick layer of clouds covers the lower sky, where pressure is drastically increased, enough to crush anyone that falls there. No one has survived to tell if anything at all exists below the lower sky. Try not to fall; it is a long way down.

(See: Worldbuilding for a few optional island ideas.)

• Any character may be played here. We allow characters and objects from any fandom, alternate universe fandom characters (AUs), and original characters (OCs). They can bring whatever you want with them, including pets and large-scale items such as ships and mechas! (See: The Shipyard, for an idea on converting vehicles for flight.)

• This is a "dressing room" type roleplay, which means you can immediately post with your character journals! There's no application process. It's all plug-and-play after you read the rules. Multiples of the same character are allowed and expected, so there is no "claiming" of a character.

• Upon arrival (or revival), characters instantaneously appear in the sky. If they can't fly, they'd better hope that an island is floating directly below them, or that someone nearby can catch them.

• Both silly and serious types of play are encouraged. Put your character in a situation as ridiculous or as dramatic as you'd like!

• Current players need to keep an eye on the OOC comm. Important and useful information related to the RP will be posted there whenever it comes up.

• If you're new, feel free to introduce yourself in the OOC comm so we can greet you!

• Memes may be posted in the OOC comm. Just tag it with the meme tag.

• We have an AIM chat called "tempusfugit", just invite yourself to an AIM chatroom with that name and it'll drop you in, or click this link.

• Players are free to introduce major and minor plots and events to the RP at any time. It is recommended that events, especially major ones, be brought up in the OOC comm for details or discussion first. Players who do not wish to participate in any plot or event may assume that there are unaffected areas.

• If a character dies, the general guideline for them coming back to life is a waiting period of 3 days before their corpse disappears (if it wasn't already lost into the deep) and they revive falling to the islands, but players are welcome to extend or shorten the duration of death if they wish.

• It is advised that players post their characters to the Player Information (locked, join OOC comm to access) and HMD posts.

Tag all posts with the canon source of the character in the main post. For a series, please use the general name of the series instead of the specific volume.

Alternate universe characters and original characters must have an explanation for their canon linked to or written in their profile or journal before posting, as well as any other necessary details.

• No god-modding of any character without the player's permission. Avoid metagaming as well.

• No deletion of posts or threads without the permission of participating players.

• NSFW links and content such as graphic sex must be labeled and warned for, either in the original post or in the subject line of the thread once it gets there. If the content is in the original post, it must be under a cut as well. Triggering content such as rape must be noted in the warning.

• There will be mature content fandoms present and mature content is expected in the community. Anyone over 15 is allowed to join as long as they can handle mature themes maturely. However, everyone should be aware before considering joining that mature content will be in the RP.

• Absolutely no bullying, harassing, flaming, spam, or wank. Be respectful to your fellow players. Personal drama must be taken outside of the RP.

• Remember that IC does not equal OOC. The feelings and opinions of characters has nothing to do with the players and should not be taken personally, as well as comments aimed at characters. And do not bring outside drama into the playing of your character.

• If you don't like a topic in the RP, you are not required to read it. If you don't like someone, you are not required to RP with them. Like Smokey says: Only you can prevent wildfires.

• RP is for fun! So have fun!

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